Streamlit with NFS mount


I am deploying a Streamlit app in Kubernetes with the source files on a mounted NFS share. The app deploys fine and updates as expected when the main source file is edited. However, changes to other files in the same directory are not propagated and requires restarting the Streamlit app. I’ve verified that Streamlit works as expected on a local filesystem, so I’m assuming this is an NFS specific issue. Has anyone had a similar experience?


Steps to reproduce

  1. Start a Streamlit app
  2. Update files other than the main source file.
  3. Refresh the app and verify that the changes did not propgate.

Expected behavior:
The app should update with the changes.

Actual behavior:
The app does not update with the changes.

  • Streamlit version: 1.23.0
  • Python version: 3.8

Hi @passcaper

Have you looked into the Configuration file .streamlit/config.toml.

Please see if runOnSave is set to True and that folderWatchBlacklist does not have a blacklist for folders to watch.

Hope this helps!

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