The Streamlit Tutorial-a-thon 🏆

:drum: Drum roll please … We’re having a CONTEST! :trophy:

The Streamlit Tutorial-a-thon starts today, December 13th, :tada: and will run until January 13, 2023.

How do I enter?

All you have to do to enter is create a blog post or YouTube video that explains how to use Streamlit to do something and share it with us here by January 13, 2023. Content submissions must be newly-created content (i.e. not an article or video that you’ve posted in the past).

The possibilities are endless — you’re not limited to any specific type of app or area of functionality. The only rule is that the content entered must be created for the contest.

Here are some examples of project ideas to get your brainstorming started:

  • How to build a portfolio app with Streamlit
  • How to create a dynamic form using session state
  • How to use Streamlit to create a scheduling app
  • How to code an internet speed testing app with Streamlit
  • How to create a content aggregator Streamlit app

What can I win?

We’ll pick winners for three categories: Best Video, Best Blog Post, and Best Good-for-World Entry. Each of the three winners will receive hosting for one year for ten private apps on Community Cloud, as well as awesome swag! :gift:


Have the winners been declared?

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Hi @aniketwattamwar,

Thanks for posting! We will announce the winners soon. Stay tuned for an announcement from us.