🛠️ Join the Build-with-Streamlit challenge!

Hey everyone, :wave:

As 2023 winds down and the New Year approaches, it’s the perfect time to wrap up ongoing projects, kickstart new ideas, and celebrate your app creations. What are you building? Share your apps with the community for a chance to win some cool swag!

:boom: How to participate

  1. Post a new topic in “Show the community!” category that features your app (or app progress) using the build-with-streamlit tag. Everyone who shares an app with the tag will get brand new Streamlit stickers!
  2. Browse the tag to share your feedback with other creators, and leave a like on your favorite discoveries. :heart:

:school_satchel: Win Prizes!

  • Each week (from Thursday, December 14, 2023 to Thursday, January 18, 2024), the app with the most likes will be featured across ALL Streamlit socials (over 80k followers!) and win an exclusive Streamlit backpack!
  • The weekly window resets every Thursday and the winner will be announced on that Friday.
  • A new app will be selected each week (no duplicates!).

*Friday Dec. 29th’s winner will be announced with the winner on Jan.5 due to the holiday

Can’t wait to see all your creations and support you in your app journey!

Happy Holidays, and Happy Streamlit-ing. :balloon:


If you don’t already have an app to share, here are some ideas to help get the creativity flowing. Perhaps you’re building…

For work

Use Streamlit for rapid decision-making at work, or a utility tool to get ahead in your career. Such as:

:bulb: Streamlit can help you get your dream job! Watch this video from @dataprofessor: How to Get Ahead of 99% of Data Scientists with Streamlit

With LLMs/AI

With over 25k LLM-based apps from the Streamlit Community already, chatbots are on the rise!

:bulb: Check out the LLM playground for tutorials and quickstart apps to fork.

To help others learn

Help the community learn how you built an app this year! Share your Medium tutorial, Youtube video, even a TikTok (!), so others can learn from you.

:bulb: Check out the Streamlit Youtube videos, blog featuring community posts for inspiration.

The sky is the limit – don’t forget to tag your app with build-with-streamlit to join!


Will we get goodies only in US or in India too ?

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This is amazing :smile:


We can ship to India!


hello! I’m waiting for my socks and stickers of past hackathons :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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Please email us at streamlitcommunity@snowflake.com and we’ll get that sorted out for you

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Hello, nice initiative! To participate I just have to publish a post in the forum with the tag ?

I have create this Build & Share ASSISTANTs with streamlit its ok ?


Where will the build-with-streamlit winners be announced ?

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Thanks everyone for joining this week’s Build-with-Streamlit Challenge!

It’s the end of week 1 and the winning app is…:drum:

OpenAI Assistant Builder & Sharer by @alessandro_ciciarell. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
Go check it out and let him know what you think!

The next app winners will be announced here on Jan 5. What will you build?


Thank you for organizing the Build-with-Streamlit Challenge! I’m excited to share that I’ve built a Streamlit Web App for PISA 2022 :bar_chart:. Looking forward to the announcement on Jan 5. Best of luck to all participants! :four_leaf_clover:


Expressing my gratitude to the Streamlit community. In appreciation of the community’s support, I am pleased to present the Streamlit Magic Cheat Sheets(Upcoming Tips from community inside the app and other Languages),

Here is the app : https://cheat-sheets.streamlit.app/

Any suggestion or any tips anyone would like to include in app please do let me know!

Happy Streamlit-ing!


Mysnowsight : Way to run parallel queries, upload xls and document AI in in Snowflake
Happy new year in advance :slight_smile:
Hope you doing well :slight_smile:

I have improved https://mysnowsight.streamlit.app/ app. You might find it interesting.

Please have a look and hit like.

:link::bar_chart: Features:

:one: Parallel Query Execution: Execute multiple queries simultaneously, boosting efficiency.

:two: File Upload to Snowflake: Effortlessly upload various file formats directly to Snowflake for data storage.

:three: Document AI: Utilizes Google’s AI to read invoices, extracting vital information instantly.




Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a nice holiday.

The winning apps from the last two weeks of build-with-streamlit are in! Congrats to…:drum:

Ahox by @nrwpradana and PISA 22 by @coder. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

There are still two weeks left of the challenge! After posting your app here, don’t forget to share it with others so they can come check it out and give it a like. Can’t wait to see what else you all build! :balloon:


New user here. When you refer to the “app with the most likes”, can you clarify? I don’t see a way to like an app. Or do you mean “the forum post (in which the app is shared and tagged build-with-streamlit) with the most likes”?

Thanks for your help!


Hey @ctsass, thanks for the question!

Yep, the forum post where the app is shared with the tag! :balloon:

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Built an app to visualise the chunks in your RAG

Appreciate any feedback - thanks!


Happy Friday!

:drum: This week’s build-with-streamlit winner is…

Runner Race Photo Search by @Marco. :partying_face:

Don’t forget to check out all the awesome apps that have been shared with the tag and give a like to your faves.

The final winner will be announced next week!


I saw that there was this “build-with-Streamlit” challenge and it motivated me to learn streamlit and create my first app. After 8 days of learning and working in the evenings on it … I’m very happy to share my Token Cost Calculator for OpenAI Models with the community :slight_smile: