Unable to update Streamlit app after GitHub update

My Streamlit app doesn’t get updated after I make & commit changes on GitHub. I can only implement changes if I reboot the app. I remember there was a similar case in the past Streamlit app not updating when github Repositories are updated - :rocket: Deployment - Streamlit. So, I suspect there is an issue with the cloud again but it is also possible that I’m the only one who is suffering from this.

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I’m having the same issue. This was working ealier this morning, but a couple of hours ago the web app stopped rerunning/updating after I committed updates to my Git repo.

In order to update the app, I have to reboot the entire app. This is clearly not ideal.

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Yes, it’s pretty annoying. I tried a couple of trouble shooting steps but didn’t work. It’s good to hear that I’m not alone!

My app started updating again. I disconnected my Streamlit workspace’s connection with GitHub and reconnected it (from Settings on the top right in the Streamlit account where your apps are listed). After 30 mins of reconnecting, it started working properly, though not sure if this resolved the issue.

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