User Authentication/Login component

Where is the Material Form (User Authentication/Login) component published? []

Hi @the-marlabs, welcome to the Streamlit community!

I asked the engineer who built this to add it to our component examples…you can follow that progress on this PR:



hi, is there some example code on how to use this component somewher? thanks

I would also be very interested in looking at any example code of how to use such a component.

Thanks in advance!


There’s a link to a raw example :

Note, because the material login component is not released on pypi you’ll need npm/node for the following to run:

  1. you will need to install the npm dependencies inside the MaterialLogin example folder (through cd component-template/examples/MaterialLogin/frontend; npm install)
  2. then run the server for the _material_login = components.declare_component("material_login", url="http://localhost:3001") part to run correctly, with npm run start.

Those are the steps from the dev setup of the README, at the MaterialLogin folder.

If I or someone else can build and drop a wheelfile of the component in this topic so other people can pip install it without being bothered by NPM, by following this tutorial in the docs that could ease a bit of the pain. In the long run, the SessionState bit could even be integrated in the package if somebody wants to fork it into its own project :slight_smile: .