Using Python & Streamlit

Can anyone help me?
I am trying to create the following using python & streamlit:
(The topic is “heating control, based on weather data”).

The basis for this is a CSV file with temperature data from 2009 to 2017.
I want to create a visualization in Streamlit where you can see when the temperature is below the desired set point that the heating is running and when the temperature is warm enough that the heating does not come on to save energy.

Can anyone help me write that python program? Thanks a lot in advance.

Hey @Eren, welcome to our forum :balloon:

Would love to help you make a Streamlit app! Did you follow our tutorials to get started already?


Thank you for the warm welcome! Everything ready to go.
What could such a Python code look like? Thanks a lot

Hey @Eren,

I’d recommend you go and visit our gallery - if an app looks interesting to you, just click on “View source code” and start from that!


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