🗞️ Weekly Roundup: Components using Elm, starter kits with Colab, Streamlit + LottieFiles and more!

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup! :wave:

11/30/20 - 12/06/20
Issue - V30

Every week we’ll share community-driven apps and articles that were shared with us during the previous week as well as any major announcements from Streamlit. If there is anything we missed feel free to add it in a comment or @ us on Twitter!

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:new: Streamlit Updates

  • If you haven’t signed up for Streamlit sharing yet - join here. If you have - send a dm to @tc1 or @randyzwitch to get access!
  • Check out the Streamlit sharing badge for your GitHub repos:
    Open in Streamlit
  • Streamlit 0.72 was released this week!
  • Check out @adrien_treuille on Weights & Biases’ podcast Gradient Dissent :heart: And congrats on making Wired UK’s list of 32 innovators building a better future!
  • Learn how to build Streamlit components using Elm @kantuni


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Thanks for mentioning my Code Generator for Machine Learning app! For anyone curious: You can still sign up for beta access at https://mlcodegen.landen.co/

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Thanks for mentioning my Customer Lifetime Prediction App on your forum.

Many thanks for mentioning my Vehicle Type Recognition app on your weekly roundup! Take a look my repository for more info :wink: