Can't log into my account

I am having this login issue too! It only gives me an error or signup page. Has anyone found a fix/workaround yet?

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@igezeani I think it’s a technical error and hope Streamlit will solve it soon. Try again later.

I get the same problem. Very annoying! I first signed up with github which worked. Now a few days later I want to sign in again with github and it always forwards me to google which ends in this error. Should not be too difficult to simply do a github login. Simply remove all of the google login??

I’ve had the same problem and this is how I was in the end able to log in: I created a “new” Streamlit account using the same email address which is linked to my GitHub account. Fortunately, it correctly recognized that no truly new account is being created and it simply “added” the log in by email to my account to which I had previously always logged in using GitHub log in. Then I logged out everywhere including GitHub, opened an incognito window in my browser (because cleaning cache, cookies and everything else and using normal browser window didn’t work), navigated to streamlit log in and logged in using email - you will receive an email form streamlit with a link which you use, and then you should see the log in window offering you the various methods to log in including Github - now you say log in using GitHub. Complicated, isn’t it? But that’s the only way I am now able to get into my own account.

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i am also not able to login its giving the same error while login

Hi everyone,

Streamlit Community Cloud is currently experiencing unexpected downtime. This means that you may see an error page when trying to access your app.

Our team is actively working on a fix for this issue. We’ll post updates in this thread as we learn more and you can also track updates on our status page here .

We know that unexpected downtime is super frustrating and we promise we’re working as quickly as possible to get your apps back online.

We really appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue :pray:

Anyone created a new account using google login and did not lose access to your streamlit account? Tempted to try this out but am worried that I’d lose all my apps.