Check the frequencies of words in many languages!

This is my first streamlit application: link
I used the wordfreq Python library to retrieve the frequencies of words in various languages. You can enter single words, a list, or even upload a txt file with the words to be evaluated.

if you have suggestions or feedback please tell me


Nice, and the table an be sorted too! Maybe deactivate the ability to edit the table. Does the language choice make a difference? I dropped in a bunch of English sentences and it made the frequency count fine while being set to Italien.

Thank you for the tip! If is possible I will disable the opportunity to edit the table.
The language choice makes a difference because the library wordfreq searches the word frequency inside a bunch of text of the chosen language.
If you search for the same words in a different language the results should be different.

Maybe I can make it clearer by inserting an explanation after the title