How does Streamlit compare to Voila?

I wanted to add some more examples to the gallery and also find out how Streamlit really compares to other options like Voila.

So i’ve started implementing some examples from the Voila Gallery. I’ve started out with the interactive gaussian plot that is now available with the findings at the bottom of the page

You can find the source file here

I’ve tried the best I can to be objective and implement the Streamlit application with the knowledge of Streamlit I currently have. But I hope you will help me with hints and suggestions if the application or findings could be improved.


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I’ve added a Country Indicators app to the gallery for comparison with Voila.

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Hey @Marc

I updated your implementation of the Country Indicators plot here.

I removed the use of the Class, fixed an issue with caching and moved the plot below the slider to fix the jumpiness (this looks like a bug on our end by the way, looking into it)

@Marc Could you provide a link to the code for the Gaussian Plot? The gist link above is dead.

Hi @Jonathan_Rhone

The link is

Thanks @Marc

It looks good, didn’t see anything obvious to change.

Only regarding your comment, Cannot use plotly as it crashes, try setting the matplotlib backend to Agg as mentioned in the discussion on

import matplotlib

We have a fix for this coming by the way,

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