Introducing the Q2 2021 Streamlit Creators!

It’s been a wild Q1 2021 for Streamlit, with the Series B announcement, the release of Secrets management and Theming for app customization! But we’re never too busy to recognize members of the Streamlit community, whose contributions breathe life into the community, demonstrate new and exciting uses of Streamlit and spread the word about Streamlit to the far corners of the Internet :partying_face:

This quarter’s Creators were nominated by the other Creators, recognizing community members who have created content they loved and who they would love to collaborate with in the future. In alphabetical order:

  • Arvindra Sehmi (@asehmi): Arvindra has been an active participant here on the forum, answering questions and sharing his project Streamlit Next.js Component, Auth0 Authentication, Bi-Directional Messaging & Serverless APIs
  • Ceyda Cinarel (@ceyda): Ceyda is an AI researcher, focusing on Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. She has created several impressive Streamlit apps, including an app incorporating the Common Voice Dataset
  • Christina Frezynski (@RedFrez): Christina has been a consistent contributor to the open-source project, having 5 non-trivial PRs, providing feedback about product enhancements, and even helping to solve other users issues on GitHub!
  • Robin Cole (@robmarkcole): Robin has created a ton of cool things/integrations that he continually shares on the forum [a few examples: Raspberry PI, MQTT, a text-extraction app] and is always willing to give a helpful hand to other community members. One more fun fact is Robin joined the forum on October 6th 2019 - 6 days after the open source launch!

Please welcome our newest Streamlit Creators , and compliment them on the new balloons in their avatars!


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WELL done to all our new creators! We are truly blessed to have you! :hugs: :tada:

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Welcome! Really excited to have each of you join the creators! :balloon:

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Hello y’all ! It’s been a joy interacting with you all those past months, you’ve been so helpful to the community and I’m very happy you’re joining the Creators group !

Show off those balloons now :balloon:

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welcome!!! So exciting!!


Its been my happy place recently! Helped me get lots done IRL. Thanks all.


Happy to be here :balloon: Thanks for the warm welcome~


Excited to be on board, thanks so much for the invite!