Streamlit app stuck in "Please wait..." when using Apache web server

Hi to everyone that is reading the post.

I have created a streamlit app and I wanted to deploy it by using an Apache web server on my local computer. The app works great when run with streamlit run, however when I use the web server the app just stuck in “Please wait…” mode. And when the web server is running both the localhost:8501, localhost and [my IP address] gets stuck at this stage, but when the web server is turned off the localhost:8501 loads fast.

I used the Apache configuration that was mentioned here.

The problem is similar to issues published in the following posts:

However, neither of the solutions worked in my case.

My system description:
OS: Windows 10,
Streamlit version 0.82.0,
Python 3.6.4
Apache web server 2.4.41 via Wampserver 3.2.0
Browser: Chrome, Firefox.

I will appreciate any help or suggestion.