Streamlit Authentication Error 403? Please help!

Hi everyone. I am trying to create a streamlit app to use at work where I can allow external users onto the app. However, when my coworker and I were trying to do this, we connected it to github and tested creating an account. When trying to make the app private to a few emails, everyone (including the developer) was kicked off and given error 403. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is it a simple fix? At this point we don’t trust that Streamlit is reliable.

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Did you try to reboot the app?


Hi @deannandro, I’ve encountered this issue before as well. Rebooting the app, like Charly suggests, worked for me.
Another reason for this is could be that your Streamlit app is private.

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Hi, I will try rebooting the app. The app is supposed to be private, I think. Otherwise, how do i give certain users permission? Will users need to have a Github or Streamlit account to access the app?

If anyone is aware of some resources I can look into, I’d appreciate it! Also, how do I reboot the app?

How do I reboot the app?

  1. Access your App settings and go to the "Sharing " section.

  2. Set your app’s privacy under “Who can view this app.” Select "This app is public and searchable " to make your app public. Select "Only specific people can view this app " to make your app private.

  3. By default an app deployed from a private repository will be private to the developers in the workspace. A private app will not be visible to anyone else unless you grant them explicit permission. You can grant permission by adding them as a developer on GitHub or by adding them as a viewer on Streamlit Community Cloud.
    Once you have added someone’s email address to your app’s viewer list, that person will be able to sign in and view your private app. If their email is associated to a Google account, they will be able to sign in with Google OAuth. Otherwise, they will be able to sign in with single-use, emailed links. Streamlit sends an email invitation with a link to your app every time you invite someone.

Hi @deannandro,

Let us know if you need any further assistance.

Regarding app privacy, you are permitted to have one private app with your Streamlit Community Cloud account. For this app, you can specify which email addresses are allowed to view it in the “Sharing” tab of the ‘App Settings’ section, as shown in the screenshot below.

I hope this helps.


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