My first Streamlit app (to go live :D)

So I finally finished (almost) with my first Streamlit application :smiley: . Streamlit gives you wing!! :sunglasses:

Here is the site with some info:

This site is a small contribution from me to the local CAT :cat: rescue community. Currently, they manage all their data in an excel sheet, so I thought of why not giving them this :). The community is 30+ strong members who work voluntarily to rescue, neuter, feed cats in the community. They have rescued, rehome more than 100+ cats in the last 4-5 years.


As much as I feel it is a selfless act, I honestly did it just to learn Streamlit :smiley:
And I am impressed by it! Amazing tool indeed.

I have many more ideas which I am working on currently.

I will clean up the code and make it available soon in the comment section.

Request from community here:

  1. Any feedback on the website.
  2. Question: I will like to have a tooltip on my Mapbox Pydeck layer (hexagonlayer). I managed to have one now, but I need to show the data from my data frame instead of elevation, etc. In my case, I want to show the name of the ‘USUAL SPOT’ when someone hovers over the hexagon. Any idea what I am missing here? (googled enough)…

Very cool! On the sidebar it says “If you would like to help in anyway, please get in touch with: 9715xxxxx” I think that might be a typo?

thanks :smiley: We still have to decide who’s number we gonna put there!
Thank you for your comment :cat:

Great app! And awesome to see such a wonderful community! :cat:

I do have a suggestion: in the chart, it would be nice to see the names of clusters instead of it being letters. Or are these not actual areas? I’m not exactly sure what the clusters represent :thinking:


Its a community. Clusters are just units there. That’s how they are called. For example, I stay in Cluster G, Building icon. !

Here is google pin for location Explore! :sunglasses:
And thank you! :smiley:

Awesome! Great idea to contribute to the local CAT community :smiley: :sweat_smile:

Oh my bad, I thought they were not actual names and just lettered labels :rofl: thank you for the pin!